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Fuel for Thought

Almost Done

By Greg Huggins
Posted May 28th 2019 6:46AM

Not long after my visit with Wayne at Premier Custom Sleepers in Ft. Worth, TX, he sent me a few photos of the progress they made since I was there just a few days before.


As you can see, the cabinetry is installed, the appliances are in and the Murphy bed and seating are just about complete. Note: the fridge doors are to be covered to match cabinet doors later.

There is still plenty to do to finish the sleeper, but it is going quite fast.

Now that the electrical, plumbing and HVAC are in, it is down to the finish work. Cabinet doors, flooring and all the other little finishing touches. Everything is tested to ensure it all works properly and then the passenger seat is re-installed.

It is kind of amazing to think all of the different components that go into a sleeper like this, either come in through the sleeper door or the passenger door. Most parts come through the passenger door. All parts come through the passenger door when the sleeper has no door of its own.

Only two more parts in this series of articles. Next up will be the finished custom sleeper and the last one will be...

See you down the road,



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