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Fuel for Thought

A Good Monday!

By Dale
Posted Aug 24th 2009 5:57PM

     Since this is the beginning of my blog, I guess I should introduce myself! I’m Dale, and I am the owner and operator of a 2003 Ford E350 Van, which is leased to FedEx Custom Critical. Most of my working years have been spent at indoor jobs, including a stock broker for a short while, customer service for a Fortune 500 company, and 13 years in the restaurant industry.  I was tired of someone over my shoulder, and being inside all the time, so it was time to get on the road!



      Today was one of those good days!   My Monday started off with an early morning call from dispatch with a load offer, and I was off to pick up a run bound for Pittsburgh , PA.   I can haul up to 2500 lbs, with most of my loads in the 500-1000 lb range.. but today’s load was a small 30 lb package.   The light loads sure make for good fuel mileage, but my van rides best with about 1000lbs in the back


     The timing was perfect.. I missed rush hour heading out, and had a nice morning ride across Ohio, and thru the mountains of West Virginia into Pennsylvania.   I didn’t even play the radio for the first couple of hours, just enjoying the quiet time with my thoughts, and even praying some as I went down the road. I like to start off my days that way.. The Road is a good place to get your thoughts together, contemplate your past, and plan your future.


     I delivered right on time, and it was one of those loads that made me feel good to deliver it. For folks who may be reading this, who aren’t currently in the business...sometimes I deliver stuff that the customer needs, but is not too excited about.. other times, it's like today, I check in with with receiving, and instantly someone hurries to the gate to take the package from me, and rush it into the plant.    I didn’t even get to move my van from the gate!   Today’s run made a difference in their business.   Sometimes it’s   like that... someone forgot to order something, and if it doesn’t arrive in time... they may have a whole line down, with a crew of workers standing getting paid to stand around and wait.   It’s cool to know you just made a difference.


      After delivery, I stopped for dinner, and since I was only a couple hundred miles from home, I decided to head there.   On the way, I got offered a load that took me 20 miles from home! Nothing like a paid trip home LOL.. obviously it doesn’t always happen like that.. but it was sweet today!   So, after a 12 hr day, a good payday, excellent scenery... and a paid trip home.. it’s time to wrap it up for this first edition!


       I'll be updating this blog every day or two. Hopefully, you'll enjoy riding along! 


     Thanks for joining me!


  • - August 25, 2009
    Linda-=|=-Hey Great start Dale!
  • - August 25, 2009
    Linda-=|=-Hey Great start Dale!

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