unpaid for 2 months


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Havent been paid by the owner for 2 months now, stopped driving his truck. Called tristate several times and tbheh dont seem to care. I am done with this company.


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It is not a function of the carrier to get involved in a driver/owner dispute.


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you didn't work for tri state, you worked for the owner.tri state cant get involve with an issue with you and your owner.you need to take this to small claims court.
If the owner didnt pay you, wasn't because he didnt get paid.Tri State has not messed with my pay at all


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I wouldnt go with tristate. They might have some good runs, But they really dont support the actual drivers. Just care about the o/o.


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Decided to go with a different owner instead of the previous one. This guy sounds better, paid weekly instead of whenever. Bye Shipman.


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You read the contract, right? If it was a handshake you might still have a problem.

I went to small claims against an owner. 3years later I haven't seen dime one. Guess another trip to his house with the judgement is due.