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  • Hi Dave! My buddy and i are planning to start as a 14 hr team with V3 . i was wonder if you can give info on working for a contractor whit v3. How does itexactly work with a 14 hr team, percentage,minimum time on the road before home time, any info would be great. Thank you for your time
    Tough to answer but can be answered in two parts. The 14 hour operation can be explained by V3. The others would be between you and the fleet owner.
    Hello davekc are you available to talk some ?
    Not right this second but you can message my profile and I can try to help you. Too noisy where I am at.
    Hey Dave. I'd like to be authorized in the Panther forum. How can I make that happen?
    Send a PM to Turtle and he will hook you up.
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    Yep. Send a PM to Turtle. He can fix you up.
    Looking for someone to do a lease purchase on straight trucks ! With a good person now and can purchase with them on a 36 months term but the company there leased onto Try Hours only runs you 2 or 3 loads a week then you sit on the weekend any suggestions
    Lease purchases are usually not to a drivers advantage. Don't know much about Try Hours. Kind of two separate issues.
    Dave need you help again Im currently driving T/T and need my medical card renewed I have asked a few and no one has this answer so I thought of you. I have found this to be a question for a few people are not sure (My class A is issued from Rhode Island do i have to hold a medical card issued from RI because I hold a Rhode Island License or can I see a doctor anywhere. thanks for any advise stay safe out there
    Dave, do I understand correctly that you run at least one truck on your own authority? We are thinking about that as an option as FDCC seems to be slowly pushing us towards the exit after 7-some years. I'd love to have some info from someone doing their own authority on how that is working out, how you handle finding loads and getting paid, etc. Do you know any others on EO that run with their own authority? Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

    Hi dave, really new to this. Big question. I have a dream to be on road. I have Class B and applied to Panther. My husband has a Class A. He applied also, looking to do the team straight truck gig. Problem: we both worked seasonal construction, for alphalt co, dump trucks, during seasonal layoff husband smoked a joint/two joints. Called back to work, positive for marijuana. Completed DOT back to work program. This was four years ago, I want to team drive and see the country, can't seem to get on with anyone because of this. What can we do. Smoking is not our lifestyle, just a dumb thing on seasonal layoff. What can we do?? Help!! from a sincere girl.
    Finally... Having lot of issues early on trying to send ya a message:)
    Did you take the truck to Ft Wayne for the rear air?
    I caught your tag on the trans issue and wondered if it was the same case?
    Your still one of my fav's:)
    Thanks, Dood
    Have not talked to you in a while. I am considering a Cat C9 in one on Knoxville's 2006 Sterling L8500 trucks. Odom has 433K miles. Do you think this would still be OK. Seems well-maintained and I hate the Ultra-Shift on my 07 Century. Any thoughts? With a trade-in and pay-off of mine, this would be fairly easy to finance, and give me at least the two more years I think I need B4 exiting once and for all...thx
    Hello Dave, My name is Jim Strycker and I am looking for a
    driver team for my 2006 Freightliner. I am also seeking info
    regarding contractual advise between drivers and fleetowners. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You, James L. Strycker
    Dave, I am driving a company own sprinter sleeper van and owner pays all expences. He wants to pay me .23 for 0 to 2500 miles, .24 for 2500 to 3500 miles, .25 for 3500 to 4000 miles and .26 for 4000 to 5000 miles. I am out for 4 to 5 weeks. Is this a fair price? Thanks Danny
    I am thinking of getting my truck with Fedex I was told it is 70,000 per year to run the truck this is not what I get in money for the work I do just for permits service and tires. I just want to know the real stuff.... thanks from Micheal Black
    Dave, For some reason I am unable to post to the Carrier Forums, mainly the Panther Forum. I see that you are a Moderator for the forums, is there anything we can do to open up my access? Thank You,

    *Edit* Actually I just made a post and noticed that it said it was my first post. I may have had another account under the name JimmyB I think I lost my password to that account a long time ago, which is the account I may have posted under and made this one because of that. I'm going to see if I can remember my password, if not and I have to start over it's fine with me.

    Hi Dave,
    I am like a lot of people trying to figure out the expedite community.
    My wife and I are thinking of investing into ourselves and were looking at Panther, problem is I can not get a straight answer from a recruiter on the number of miles that teams are getting.
    Any insight?
    Thank you,
    tyring to get on with panther,my wreck is over their policy,so im under review,had to replace 6 tires,front wheel,and over 7000 to truck,and the deer got away
    I have had 2 posts deleted now asking about mid west expediting.
    Is there some taboo asking a question about them.
    I am just trying to find out info about them and if they are a good company.
    Any info would be appreciated as I am wanting to get into the expediting business.
    Hello Dave,
    I am having trouble am I thought you could help. I am working with a freighliner fl 70 with a c7 cat. The idle is fine and runs well but then intermittent loss of power and smoke. 8,000 miles on engine. Never overheated. HELP!!

    Hi Dave,

    I have been reading over the forum for a while now and have seen that you have a load of information on the industry and Panther. I am going out to Panther next week to their orientation and I would like to talk to you about your expeirience and possible questions to bring up as an owner.

    I know your busy, but any help would be greatly appreciated either through here a PM or telephone.


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