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  • Hey Jack,

    Hope all is well with you! I really need your advice about several matters. If you could call me at 417-561-1741 in the next couple of weeks it would be much appreciated.

    God Bless You

    Big Al
    Hello Jack, Hope all is going well. I saw your photo bucket. What do you think about some of the gen/air conditioning setups you have been seeing?
    Thanks for the EO sticker Jack, have it posted on the back door of my truck. Was great meeting you and Gracie. Tell Gracie I loved her socks. Would love to have a pair someday. Keith told me afterwards "those socks are so you!" lol Gracie seems like such a wonderful person. Someone I would very much be friends with if we were living in the same community. She has made me nostalgic for my old friends from home. Hope we run into each other again out their on the road. Yesteryear
    Good morning Jack, I'm going to have a phone conference with Bolt this after noon. I see where you run a 2002 E250, that would work for me I'm interested in a entry level van to get my feet wet. Looking at a 2001 E350 with 10' back seat to back door, the truck only has 50,000 miles on it, looks great. I have been told by Progresive thats to old. It's been interesting chating with you, where do I find pic's of your van?
    Later Gizmo
    Hey Jack,had the same intermitten trouble with my 06 5.4.I had the plug and coil pack changed,told to go to ford for a reprogramming.I haven't had any check engine light or misfire codes,that was over 100,000 ago.I think it was 150 bucks or so at ford for the reprogramming had some other stuff done so the total bill was more.
    Hi Jack, my husband and I are planning to lease a Cargo Van on with Bolt Express. Ann Musenski said I could have you call me and you could answer some ?'s for me. Please call me at 334/806-8877 (Carolyn) after 3pm. Thanks!!
    Hey Jack,i am not a big post of threads and can't find a way into the carrier specific posts wondering if you could give me some info on how to get into that area.
    Nice quote.

    "the cure for rejection is-being able to see yourself as God sees you. It means announcing, "I am what God says I am, I have what God says I have, therefore, I can do what God says I can do". So even if you didn;t get off to a good start, you can still have a great finish"-Bob Gass
    Thanks you for that post about helping with Breast Cancer. You don't know hard it has been for my wife since she lost her sister to Cancer. Kathy Stover was an dispatcher at Panther for over 5 years. I sent that link to over 100 people in an E-mail for you. I would like to do more if you PM I will tell you about it. FedEx Custom Critical does alot for Breast Cancer with Summa Heath Care out of Akron, Ohio
    can you give me your honest opinion of Bolt Express ie. are the miles there? do they live up to what they say? are your checks correct? I am really considering signing with them , I am just nervous about it, I am currently with a very small company and the owner really does everything that she can for me but it is difficult to get something after a load delivered, because she has a couple boards that she is bidding on loads and unfortunatley we get what the larger companies cant cover. it is wednesday and and I havent had a paid mile since last wednesday
    any info would be greatly appreciated
    Hey Jack! It was good to meet you and Gracie at the Expo hope to see you two out on the road one of these days!
    Hello Jack_Berry
    this is bolt express tri 3369 newbee but not new to the road team you commented to my tread we are hanging in there didnt realize we could have a friends list here good be our friend crazy cooter and yankeesunshine
    KEEKEEBOO<>< still in N/C
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