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    For the Newbies to Think About

    Gracie here: one accident one serious illness and your whole world changes. Just saying...
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    What Can I Use To Heat Inside Of Cargo Van ?

    There is a thread on heating vans that Jack set up last year. For us as owners the Espar heater was a wonderful decision. Gracie
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    a msg from gracie b

    Is it bad to resurrect this old thread? This is Gracie and I have inherited Jack's iPad way too soon. Who would have thought... Apparently the backwards fall was a sign of things to come. We are sitting in our living room, looks like Jack's feeding tube is empty so I need to get going. We are...
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    The Cleveland Browns Factory Of Sadness

    Hey Ted ask a baltimore colts fan about their hearts.
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    New NJ Ice law goes in effect.

    Wisconsin also has a clean roof law.
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    well, it's my turn

    Heck, friend hard stopped for 3 does last nite here in town.
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    The $40,000 toilet

    Anyone have the website for turtles seat cushion?
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    Ron Paul: Befriend Iran.....

    How much would it cost us in financial aid? Is Cuba next? Why not our allies do.
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    Detroit Lions Only NFL Team To Lose Money

    But they were BAD in Pontiac. Funny how they got better when matt Millen was released.
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    Another worry?

    New Clearaface daisy cutters take the worry out of swelling volcanoes faster then anything available over the counter. Ask your geothermailst if Clearaface is right for you.
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    70th Anniversary of Mt Rushmore

    Designed and built by a Dane, Gracie reminds us.
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    Gas stations?

    Our van ran best on BP and shell. 50 cetane diesel would be nice, right turtle?
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    Detroit Lions Only NFL Team To Lose Money

    Plus making fans travel to Pontiac didn't help during bad times.
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    November Locations

    November?? When did that happen?