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Panther is a scam.


Veteran Expediter
Dave says a lot of positive things about Panther. That's good. It's a good fit for his business plan.
If he was leased to me,and happy,I'd expect him to speak positively about it.
I never felt he was doing the PomPom thing. If he wanted to wave PomPoms,thats his right.
I really like my carrier. I sometimes do the PomPom thing. And sometimes it's tounge-in-cheek.


Veteran Expediter
I can see the pom pom thing... a little over the top with the praises. But IMO Dave doesn't do that. He criticizes them as well, as he should. A company shouldn't be able to proudly display their flaws, and not be called on it.


Senior Moderator
Staff member
Fleet Owner
Thanks folks. I try to give new people as clear as picture as I can with regards to Panther. Since I am more of a optimist, I do tend to look at the positives more than the negatives.
In otherwords, I currently think they are the best fit financially and otherwise for us.
If I didn't, what would be the point in being there?
I don't currently see another outfit that exceeds where we are currently at. Could that change? Anything is possible.
However, that doesn't make them perfect. They do some great things, and also do some things that would make a preschooler shake their head.
Always have to look at ALL of the picture and not just part of it.