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  • HI T.Hawk... I was unsuccessful in my attempt to link to the site you suggested about Arrow Critical Supply Solutions. This was the License and Insurance Warning site. I am near making a decision to lease on with ACSS but need more input from people like yourself. Please send me a PM giving your general opinion on ACSS. Your insight would be of great value to me. What would you say is the reputation of ACSS in the expediting business? Do I need to beware of certain practices by this outfit? Let me know. Thanks so much.
    Would it be safe to assume you gave your friend a warning to? His insults to me are far worse then I ever did to him
    Hey..I was looking through the forums and I see you have/had a International 7500 w/Eaton 10 speed.

    How did this truck perform for you? (reliablilty,fuel mileage etc)

    Any help would be great..as I am looking at buying one..it is a 2004 built in 05 with 85,000.

    Thanks, Tom
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