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No .. it's August .. Locations & More


Veteran Expediter
Yes, but are you up 200% Canadian or 200% American

Bitconian: 1 still = 1

Quoted from "Wealth Daily"

Is it a new currency that'll render all other state-backed currencies irrelevant?

Or is it another attempt at an alternative currency that will ultimately fail?

No one knows for certain. But there's no doubt that there hasn't been a currency this disruptive in over 100 years. And investors looking to get in on the next “big thing” are flocking to Bitcoin."
Until the central banks either buy it all, or sabotage it. Likely they'll do the latter, then the former.


Veteran Expediter
From cheese country to wine country; Slinger, WI to Salida, CA, in 46 hours. Split sleeper worked somewhat, but a 4-hour full stop in Nevada helped too. As for today, Tom Bodet will turn the light on for us at 1300. Denny's now, sleep tonight, back in the saddle tomorrow.