January 2016


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I made it from Indiana down to Brunswick Georgia last night ahead of all this snow. I ran into some real heavy rain in Atlanta last night but that was the worst of it.
Looks like I could take a load to the West or to Florida and that's just about it.

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We crossed paths last night somewhere then. I was on a load from Florida to Indiana. When I went through Atlanta it just started raining. I guess I squeezed through Nashville just in time with no problems.


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Just finished 2nd day of jury duty. Didn't get on a trial Monday, and today I made darn sure I didn't get on the one that I was being questioned for. They said it would be at least 3 days, and would start on Wednesday.

So, off tomorrow to be with my wife Sharon for her birthday. Back in service Thursday or whenever I'm offered a good load.


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Losing bids is part of this. A lot lately. And it makes me quite sad. But moments like this one help a lot.

Broker - "Sorry already covered"
Me - 10-4. Thanks anyway!
Broker - "You know what ! you’re the better carrier ! Please book this truck ! Sending info now !"

:)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!

(FlyingVan's load to SC)
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