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Auguasted Loads & Locations

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A li’l slow last week but not horrible.

Monday: inside-PA shortie
Tuesday: PA to Daytona Beach FL
Wednesday: met Phil and Diane at their gym. Didn’t sign up because we weren’t ready to lock into a contract. NOT the Madsens ’ fault; we just had a bit of nerves over it.
Thursday: Down the coast a smidge to a Coast Guard station for a load, but it turned into a TONU due to dims being incorrect. We did leave the Station, though, with a very favorable impression of the USCG . Professionalism and dedication, yup, they have it!
Friday: FL to SC.

Now at the J in Summerville. Cold inside, but hotter ‘n’ hades outside

Decided to ask the peeps for logos; looks more professional, and hopefully as legit as the company and we really are. In a yellow van, every little bit of that helps

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Where is your "Under 10,000 GVW" hand painted sign Harry?

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So, better than testing the Alabama DMV system, we managed to find a testing facility in Alabama (west) that had open appointments today. So, a 128mi. round trip road tour is in store for my wife and I as we head over to Sheffield, AL to:

1. Take endorsement tests; me at 2PM and her at 2:30PM
2. Picture for the new license
3. Convert that new license to the New "Star" ID which will be required in Alabama by Oct 2020 anyway
So, with 'egg on my face' I will admit when I am misinformed, it seems that walk-ins are welcome at Alabama DMV testing facilities, the time slots we were so worried about were for ease and convenience. You takes your chances on a walk-in, or you sign up for a time slot. Long story short, we drove 126mi round trip and spent all of an hour-and-a-half at the DMV in Sheffield, AL and we now have all endorsements, and the new Star ID. So now we are waiting on hard copies of the license to arrive in the mail so that we can apply at FedEx CC.


Veteran Expediter
Ugh. 2nd time this week I woke up with a dead phone battery. Not helping my cause any :dash2:

Pretty sure it's not the battery itself, but 1 or more Apps left running draining it. At least that's what I hope :rolleyes:
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