2016 Hino 268 jerks back and forth on freeway (55-65 mph)


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I just bought this truck (2016 hino 268) with 350,xxx miles. Everything seems to be fine. No lights on the dashboard. Runs great. But, every morning or after the truck cools down, when I get on the freeway it jerks vigorously for about a mile and then seems to fade away. Does anyone know what this issue may be?


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The first thing I'd check is the brake pedal switch.. If it's out of adjustment it can intermittently cause no power. If you're flooring it, it could go from no power to full power in an instant. When the brake pedal is released, the plunger on the switch should be fully depressed. If it's not, turn it left a quarter turn and it'll pop out. Push it in until the plunger is fully depressed then lock it in with a quarter turn to the right.