1. C

    2016 Hino 268 jerks back and forth on freeway (55-65 mph)

    I just bought this truck (2016 hino 268) with 350,xxx miles. Everything seems to be fine. No lights on the dashboard. Runs great. But, every morning or after the truck cools down, when I get on the freeway it jerks vigorously for about a mile and then seems to fade away. Does anyone know what...
  2. M

    What Fleet Management do you guys use if any?

    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to the trucking industry and have recently accepted a position as a dispatcher, I have been put in charge of deploying fleet management software and devices, to help make our drivers ELD compliant for Canada's upcoming mandate, and to help our company run smoother...
  3. E

    New to Straight Trucks

    I've been driving a sprinter van that my brother owns for a bit but I was looking to drive small or large straights instead. I'm 20 and live in Knoxville,TN. 1.) Are there any companies that lease or rent straights? I look for my own loads so I just need a truck. If anyone knows any way I can...
  4. Marshall2142

    I have three trucks and no clue help me please

    I have a 2002 frieghtliner fl80 24ft box truck with sleeper exellance condition only 190k. I have a 2015 ford transit hightop short model can fit 2 pallets and 3800 pounds and last a isuzu npr 14 ft box 14ft . I have been working with local Courier companies but not making as much money as I...