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    2007 UD 1800hd VNT p0045 turbo and actuator replaces waiting to see result

    the truck drives for a few miles when you turn it off and on and the engine code pops up once your hitting the pedal harder going into higher rpms I saw the code was a VNT code p0045 and the turbo with actuator is being swapped finally after finding the right place that had a brand new one in...
  2. B

    Hino 268 Air Issue

    Hey everyone, searched as much as possible online and couldn't find much specifically about this issue. We have a hino 268 here at work, and are having issues building any pressure in the tanks. We get air at the air dryer in that black drum, but only occasionally will get the smallest amount...
  3. A

    Hino 338 value help from newbie

    Hi All, First time poster here. Dallas based and looking to get into the dumpster rental business. Found someone liquidating their fleet and they have the following 3 Hino 338's 2014 - 60k miles - $80k 2015 - 54k miles - $82k 2013 - 107k miles - 64k They all have stellar hooklift systems for...
  4. V

    Full Maintenance Straight Truck Lease

    Hello, I want to get new 26 Ft Freighliner or Hino Box truck. I noticed some companies offer Full Maintenance Straight Truck Lease. You pay monthly rental fee+mileage fee. All maintenance is included. Does anyone here is doing similar? What is your experience?
  5. Bsmith8464

    2006 ud with hino jo8e check engine

    I have a 2006 Nissan ud 2000 with the hino jo8e 7.7, 165,000 Miles. I initially had a random check engine light, but turning off key and restart would correct it, but now it’s on continuously and the truck will not rev past 1900 rpm. All local repair shops encouge me to take it to the dealer...
  6. safetruck

    JO8E injector, Pcodes in UD

    2005 UD 2300 JO8E, 335K miles I owned for 100K miles without a local shop to scan or hardly want to touch it (hindsight) 1st current issue is Limp mode w/no symptoms: Average 5 times a week for last 8 weeks or so...the engine light comes on with de-rate/limp mode occurring. Most common times...
  7. UT Vol

    2005-2007 Hino 268 eld conectivity

    I have 8 of these trucks in a fleet of 15 trucks and not one is working correctly. Ive been reading other threads on here and cant seem to find a solution. will these trucks get a waiver? Is there a auto tap that works? Has anyone successfully gotten an ELD to work? Would reflashing the brain...
  8. H

    Hino Misfire no one can solve..

    Figured i could try my luck here for some input as no shop could help me so far.. ( been to hino dealer...and two other error code we can't tell whats going on is the usual response ) 2008 Hino 268 around 440 000 km on it automatic airbrake. Have spent a ton of money in this thing to...
  9. J

    Issues with getting an ELD for 2007 Hino or older

    I own and drive a 2007 Hino Expediter straight truck. After trying numerous times to have the ELD installed in my truck, I was told that the 2007 Hino has a fuel injected control module not an ECM module and therefore is not compatible with any of the current ELDs on the market. Has anyone else...
  10. sawslider

    2012 Hino 338 doesn’auto regen

    I just bought a 2012 Hino 338 and it came with DPF problems. It won’t do automatic regeneration. I changed the DPF filter and DEF pump with the injector. But still doesn’t do automatic regeneration. Any body that can give me a clue?
  11. A

    UD 2600 or Hino 268 (used truck decision)

    I am deciding between those 2 trucks. I don't know anything about trucks, I would like to hear input on the pros and cons for each truck. 1. UD 2600, 2012, 190,000 miles, cruise control, power window. $35000.00 2. Hino 268, 2009, 140,000 miles, air brake and air seat, comes with 90 days, 25000...