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Jul 19, 2018 at 5:26 PM
Dec 3, 2013
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Moderator, Male, from Mid-Atlantic

Staff Member Mechanic

Don't ask questions on my wall. I won't answer them. Aug 22, 2017

greasytshirt was last seen:
Jul 19, 2018 at 5:26 PM
    1. Standp73
      New here, i have a question about a 2002 Hino . not sure where or how to post it.
      2002 4cyl dies when you push the throttle randomly and not always in the same spot, no check engine and no visual damage that i can tell.
    2. zenn7
      Just to say thx re Hino 195 in Qc.. Not having any luck getting my reply up in the thread
    3. Roadtow1
      Hello Greasytshirt, I have a 2010 Hino 258 rollback with 259k on it.New hire used last weekend. I got it back last tuesday, and noticed that the DPR bars were at H. The truck has never gone over 4 bars. The kid said he saw no light flash for the regen.The truck still runs fine, no limp mode, etc.The check engine light has been on since i have owned. I cannot get it to regen. Any advice?
      1. greasytshirt
        Pm me.
        Dec 28, 2017
    4. rodrigo carvalho
      1. greasytshirt
        Hello. Do you have a Hino question? If so, meet me in the Hino Trucks forum.
        Oct 11, 2017
    5. anthony1079
      Quick question Sir, I have a 2009 hino JO8ETV that has broken the rocker arm shaft twice in the last 2 months. Any idea on what cause this problem? Any info would be greatly appriciated
    6. junkpickup
      Greasytshirt I need some help. Losing transmission fluid but can not find a leak. Is it common to leak into the radiator when cooling? No lights have come on. It also leaks coolant from behind the turbo. Difficult to get at. It's a 2008 with about 280k miles
    7. EEC17
      I have 2011 Hino 338 and my a/c stated blowing hot air. I checked my fuses. It started over night!
    8. greasytshirt
      Don't ask questions on my wall. I won't answer them.
    9. Fb1817lover
      Hi I hv an 04 fb1817 n trbl bgn after I chngd the break n blinker rear lights to leds. Abs popup right away with a little dot lit up perm on the brk lights when engine was on. Pwr back feed on the brk lgt cct? Trk ran but lost pwr n wud almost stall. Sum white smk after pwrloss. Ran well b4 that with 481k Allison said it's an eng issue. Hino chged fuel tank breather n filters. Same prob. thnku
      1. greasytshirt
        Often, ballasts need to be added to brake light circuits when LEDs are used.
        Aug 22, 2017
      2. greasytshirt
        Please ask questions about Hinos in the Hino forum, I can't see this particular area on my phone.
        Aug 22, 2017
    10. sman79
      Hi, I'm working on a 2016 Hino 268 and I have received a code I've never seen before, it's p016f abnormality in common rail pressure control. Have you seen this code before? Was it an issue in the limiter in the front of the rail or the pressure regulator on the backside of the rail?
      1. greasytshirt
        Please ask this question in Hino forum within the Truck talk forum.
        Aug 22, 2017
    11. Richelle
      Hi I have a question , I have a 2013 hino 358 that is using too much gas .

      It is using 200km per tank. I called the dealership and for my truck , i should get 400km per tank .

      What could be the issue ? Thank you
      1. greasytshirt
        Please ask this question in the Hino forum within the truck talk forum. There are a few people in there that can help.
        Aug 1, 2017
        Treadmill likes this.
    12. greasytshirt
      Writing my Dad's obituary.
      1. Lawrence
        Very sorry to hear this. Please accept our thoughts and condolences.
        Jun 29, 2017
      2. Treadmill
        Sorry to hear of your dads passing.
        Jun 30, 2017
    13. PJ 515253
      PJ 515253
      Hello greasytshirt! I happened to be googling Hino engines, specifically the WO6TI, and your thread about you working on them from a few years ago came up. I signed up here just to ask you some questions if that's ok. Are the Hino marine engines the same that are in the trucks? I'm looking at a boat with twin 310hp WO6TI engines. If maintained are they reliable engines? Thank you !
      1. greasytshirt
        I've only worked on one pair of Hino marine engines. I've heard from others that they're very good if maintained correctly. They are not the same as in the trucks, the architecture is different.
        Jun 1, 2017
        PJ 515253 likes this.
      2. PJ 515253
        PJ 515253
        Thank you for your input. It hasn't been easy to find any kind of info on them. And on the boating forums everyone has a different opinion on them.
        Jun 2, 2017
      3. greasytshirt
        Just like everything else, identify a parts and repair center near you and get to know the people. Hire a Hino-specific mechanic for a few hours to give you as comprehensive an analysis as possible. Investigate parts availability before buying. I was very impressed with how smooth these two engines ran.
        Jun 2, 2017
    14. JMC
      How do you drain the DEF fluid tank on the HINO? The message came up to replace the DEF fluid with the engine in the on position. The exceleration on the truck has decreased.
      1. greasytshirt
        Turn key on, engine off. Remove 12mm bolt on bottom of DEF tank. The computers want to see the level drop all the way down. With the key still on, add at least 2 gallons. This is probably not the real problem though, unless there's a chance the DEF was contaminated or diluted.
        May 7, 2017
    15. Niko
      Hey there. Have a question about a hino burner malfunction
    16. greasytshirt
      7 vehicles in my yard that aren't mine.
      1. Lawrence likes this.
    17. greasytshirt
      Knees crunchy as granola. Awesome.
      1. brokcanadian and Moot like this.
    18. 1st class tow
      1st class tow
      How is it going, I've been reading your posts and see you know your stuff so I have a question regarding my 2014 hino 258lp . It is kicking a AT light and it stops shifting after it gets hot but it doesn't always do it and I'm about to flush the tranny any ideas on what to look for I has 250000 k on it thanks
      1. greasytshirt
        You need to have the codes pulled out of the transmission's computer for me to help. Also, is your ABS light on? The ABS HAS TO work correctly on these.
        Mar 28, 2017
      2. greasytshirt
        Also, a tranny flush is not required or recommended. Only use a fluid that meets Allison's 295 specification.
        Mar 29, 2017
    19. Aligio A Francesco
      Aligio A Francesco
      Hey buddy I have a 2013 Hino that keeps bogging down it's sometimes won't go past 20 miles an hour and then it will start moving like normal it keeps doing it intermittently we had it serviced. It's got 251,000 miles
      1. Treadmill
        Try posting this in the Truck forum. It might get read faster.
        Jan 17, 2017
        greasytshirt likes this.
      2. greasytshirt
        It's the brake light switch, most likely. Adjust it until the plunger is completely pressed in with the pedal released. Don't break the lock.
        Jan 17, 2017
    20. greasytshirt
      Replacing roll-up doors on Freightliners in my driveway.
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