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  1. Signal10foodtruck

    Unique Food Truck in NY

    Hello everyone, I live in upstate NY and I'm looking to find out if anyone can answer a question for me? I have a unique food truck in which I converted a full sized Fire Truck into a food truck. I got the weight down below 26,000 lbs (22,880) from the original weight of 34,800. I do not need a...
  2. Lawrence

    Oh this is my exit?

    Unbelievable! Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat
  3. Lawrence

    Self-driving Otto truck hauls beer by itself

    Big news yesterday.... Otto’s first “live load” was a trailer full of beer for Anheuser-Busch, trucked more than 120 miles on Colorado highwayI-25 from Fort Collins, through Denver and on to Colorado Springs. "Anheuser-Busch is passionate about innovation and exploring ways to improve the...
  4. T

    Which one?

    Ok i have been thinking about this a lot. I wanted to know what you needed to buy your own truck and how to do it? I already have a company that will hire me on if I buy a truck. Just needed someone with more information to help me out. Can you make money?
  5. Anomaly

    Starter Rig - Build Or Buy? (Straight Truck)

    Hi all... Introduced myself previously in Newbies Paradise and had a few questions, to which I was directed to read more of the threads. Unfortunately, my time for browsing is somewhat limited driving OTR, and I am just not having much luck finding answers to those questions. I am curious...
  6. Lawrence

    Split Second. What would you do?

    This just happened today in Houston on I-45 North bound. It's amazing how everything is fine and safe and in a moment - life and limb is on the line..
  7. Lawrence

    This Straight Truck...