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Unique Food Truck in NY


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Hello everyone,
I live in upstate NY and I'm looking to find out if anyone can answer a question for me?
I have a unique food truck in which I converted a full sized Fire Truck into a food truck. I got the weight down below 26,000 lbs (22,880) from the original weight of 34,800.
I do not need a CDL which I am already aware of to operate my truck but it has air brakes. I have looked and done so much research and can not find an answer to if I need an air brake endorsement to drive it? I am a local volunteer firefighter who drives our dept trucks and we are exempt from CDL however being this is a personal truck, Commercial plates from DMV but under weight DMV told me no CDL is required but need to find out about the air brakes and if I have to get an endorsement on my license?
Here in NY it only brings up restrictions for CDL endorsements (L) but nothing with a regular class D license being it has air brakes.
Please, any info would be helpful for NY drivers with any knowledge on this. Thank you again in advance for helping the new guy on this forum!!!color-out.pngScreenshot_20190923-202524_Instagram.jpg


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I am also from NY, I have seen this truck, it's so cool in real also, basically, I am towing truck driver working at rite way towing NYC, a towing service provider company in New York, so i was towing a vehicle so i saw this truck near Manhattan.
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