need direction/input on starting 26ft straight box truck business (non cdl)


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hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy New Year to all of you, and your family.
My name is Nick. I would like to get some suggestions, input, opinion on starting at 26ft non-cdl straight box truck business.
I have the following questions and concerns:
1. is it better to start out by leasing a truck?
2. if I do lease a truck do I still need to apply for DOT, MC number along with getting insurance?
3. on average how much do straight truck insurance runs? what kind of insurance do I need to get?
4. do I need to get DOT physical and medical card?
5. where do I find loads for straight trucks?
6. is it better to work with a dispatcher or a broker? how much do they normally charge?
7. is leasing on to a bigger carrier worth it? which carrier(s) leases straight trucks?

if I miss anything or you like to add more please feel free to do so.
thank you for your help.


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Your still going to have to log your hours and go into scale houses. And have a medical card. And that truck had better be under 26k pounds or you will need a cdl B.
Insurance wize talk to shelly at cis...their ad is on EO. Get a truck under 26k with a sleeper so you or your driver can do hazardous materials loads.....if Certified for them.
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Also, any truck stop gas station will have a weigh section. Example: TA, Flying J Pilot, or Love's. The price is between $12-14. You can always check the weight after picking up a load and if it's over the amount return back to the site and show proof of receipt that your overweight. It's better to pay the $12-14 dollar vs a fine and negative mark at a State/DOT weigh station.
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