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Which one?


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Ok i have been thinking about this a lot. I wanted to know what you needed to buy your own truck and how to do it? I already have a company that will hire me on if I buy a truck. Just needed someone with more information to help me out. Can you make money?


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look at the want ad's here on eo and how much are you going to put down on the truck
for every $1,000, you put down on a truck will lower your monthly payment about $20.00 ball park est only
if your looking for a sprinter van I can help you with that
for used unit no more than 5 years old with most company's
also going to need money to run for 2 week's before money starts coming in


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Most owner operator failures occur because of underfunding. Do not expect to live week to week, settlement check to settlement check. Do not over-extend yourself with personal debt. Set aside a certain percentage of your weekly settlements towards a maintenance fund. Limitations you place on loads will limit your income. Manage fuel (by speed, by reducing idle time). Knowledge is power - attend seminars and workshops. There are so many things you can do to help achieve success. Buying a truck does not guarantee success. Yes you can make money.


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Always 2 sides to a coin. Underfunding? That may apply during the first few weeks or months but after that the job should be funding itself..I didn't buy a truck to keep using my own bank account to fund this endeavor, it should be supporting it self. I'll agree on the set aside for maintance and fuel management but these are also costs that we can't control and the rising cost of everything out here continues to eat away at us. In fact trucks have taken some sort of hit every year since I have started in this business and nothing is happening to help us recover.
My personal advice is get out and met owner operators and get their side of the story before you make a large investment in this industry.