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An UFO robbed a truck... true or false?


Active Expediter
It would be interesting to know what the actual load consited of? Reports like this both fascinate and irritate me because you probably will never hear anything else about it, yet I am left curious wanting to know more. Seriously they only spoke to one witness, what kind of reporting was that?


Staff member
It's a totally fake video and news report. It even says so in the description of the video on YouTube, and the comments there are hammering him for posting fake crap. His response is to come to his Facebook page where you will find a cornucopia of wild and strange unexplained phenomena. (One of which is the crop circle, a crop circle, mind you, that's found on the on the dwarf planet Ceres (which has no atmosphere, and thus very little in the way of crops, or life) in a picture that NASA published.)


Not a Member
Youre just a sheeple, Turtle. You just believe whatever the government wants you to, you cant think for yourself, blah blah blah. I watch Ancient Aliens, that means im smart. I guarantee you this video is rea.....wait....what?...there is?....oh, nevermind.