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    any box truck o/o running under there own operating authority? Anyone running under their own dot numbers

    Most expedited loads are light loads. So unless you have a customer that needs what you describe it would be a waste.
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    In today's market. Tri-State. I have driven for both. Retired now. Good Luck!
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    List of Expedite Carrier Mergers & Acquisitions

    Yes, Moot is correct Roberts to Roadway to Caliber to FedEx. Those were the days weren't they. Maybe off topic but this is actually the history of Expediting. Roberts Rules the Road
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    To stop or not to stop.

    I stand corrected, there must be a sign. (4) An abandoned railroad grade crossing which is marked with a sign indicating that the rail line is abandoned, You would think a judge would throw it out if the tracks were removed,but I would stop,better safe than sorry!
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    To stop or not to stop.

    All those rules are for railroad tracks,if the tracks are torn up,no longer there then it is not a railroad crossing.
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    Making a more professional start

    First mistake is that TommyDock!
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    Question about storing meds in the van?

    Make sure you carry prescription info,as you may already know.
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    fuel card- advances

    Depends on the fleet owner,some would let you draw the same way you do now,and then reimburse you for the fuel cost. Others would have you use the advances just for fuel,and pay you say every Friday. Others may give you a credit card for fuel and let you draw your pay every run. I think others...
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    Cargo Van Is there any cargo van freight between New York City and Philadelphia?

    Retired now,but in the past I have got loads out of that area,st.truck and van. Once in st.truck i even had dispatch call me on the phone and ask me to pick 1 of 3 offers. I was with FedEx CC. I have sat there 3 days as well waiting. You just never know.
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    Another Power Plant Another Story

    Maybe for quality or content testing, that they don't trust to or can't be done at an independent lab? Just a wild guess.
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    Would like to know what the largest size straight truck there is ....

    The position you seek doesn't exist,not as an employee. You want a truck like that you gotta buy it.
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    Cargo Van Cargo Van Weight Limit???

    I'll have a six pack when that Brew is done!!
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    ATTN All owners/fleet owners & carriers

    This is a sad situation,and my heart go's out to the owner,cause he didn't do anything to deserve this. As far as prosecution goes,look at it this way,you loan out a tool and it's not returned,is it stolen? It's more a civil matter than a criminal matter. You can sue the guy,but he will never pay.
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    Missing/Stolen Truck

    When was Driver told to return the Van? Not sticking up for him,but you must give him a reasonable amount of time to return it. In most States this holds true. Having custody of a vehicle, boat or aircraft pursuant to an agreement with the owner thereof whereby such vehicle, boat or aircraft is...