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  • I remember reading many of A-Teams posts. But I never saw a pic or heard much of Phil's wife.
    I often wondered if he secretly ran solo.
    Talking to a group of LEA drivers one day
    I asked , does he run solo or is he really part of a team ?
    Acouple of drivers replied, He teams. We don't call them A Team. But they are A Whole Team and they get referred to by that name often.
    I'm switching to Panther and I'm wondering how to learn more about the load boards. How to figure out when and where to move after dropping a load. Is it easy to tell where the dead areas are or is that constantly changing. Thanks Leonard
    Are you that Jellous of me that youd actualy have to post somthing like that. I dont have no mole on me how ever leaches do suck suck blood and in many cases are used to pureafie woulds and infections. I see the post got your attention you must have missed me. Have a nice day.
    you still with panther? ive been stuck in davenport 2 days now, was wondering if you knew a good place to sit to get a load on fridays, thought about going to chicago but alot of trucks over there, any help would be great
    I've never met you before yet you responded to my 1st post with "You're like a recurring pest infestation." Who sh*t in your Cheerios?
    Ok, I found the post about you finding the Davenbed by the elevator. That's 65" or less? Or is your van wider?
    Moot, finding your posts very informative. Could you give me more information on your Mootbed? What kind of sofa sleeper is that? I'm having trouble finding something 65".
    Moot, many times I visit the forums - just to read your posts. Thanks for making this place enjoyable....and sometimes just plain weird. : )
    Moot,have my rantings really been that out there? I mean,really,Leo and Turtle and Rev Dave are shrieking these days. I'm just trying to keep up and keep it non personal.
    Anyway,I've got to get back to work as I need the $$.
    have a good weekend,hope your home.
    Call me when your out this way and we can do lunch. 1-800-338-9576
    See ya
    Thank you very much, kind Sir. I admit that I kind of find that one pretty funny myself. :)

    That whole "normal" alphabet soup comment came out of nowhere. It was about as bizarre as bringing slavery into the conversation. I'm trying to stay on point, stay calm and rational, keeping emotions out of it, just telling it like it is, or at least the way I see it.
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