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  • I'm sorry I didn't see your message about My Roberts Express badge. When my hat got to worn I just kept that. Thank You!
    Lawrence, Hello How are you? Great job this year with the expo! It is our first time being at the expo and we will be there from now on! We are now forgoing Dallas truckshow for the expo! Please add us to your friends list! Also we are looking for an owner to lease purchase a Sterling with a 96" sleeper, reliable apu, and need maintenance records! If you have any connections please call me at 479-213-1707! Thanks MANIAC
    Lawrence, This has Happened A Whole Lot of Times and I was wondering as to Why?
    Here Goes: There are times when I am Logged In and go to a Thread that I want to submit something on and a Box shows up saying that I Don't Have Permission to enter this page! Example was when I was Going to answer the Thread on the Forum something about do you Notify Dispatch if you are in service on the weekends. I Hit Quote and it came up with the Permission thing Again..This Has Happened Numerous times But I Never Questioned it Till Now. Could you check it out and see what is wrong? Thanks A-Lot Glenn, Poorboy
    Check out mimi520 They are trying to sale Junk I believe they are breaking some kinda rule here.
    I'm the one that suggested the EO merchandise. As I am passing by trucks I'm always wondering if they are an EO member. We need a small sticker for the side window and maybe another for the back of the truck. Also, a hat or T-shirt might be fun when going into truck stops etc. From the response seems like these would be popular items and make money for the site Thanks, Mike
    Someone in the 'location' thread just suggested EO merchandise. FWIW, the better half does custom embroidery, and has access to wholesale hats/garments, should you ever desire some. Thought I'd leave you a message here, so as to not violate any TOS rules directly in the thread. Enjoy your Sunday. AJ
    Sorry I missed talking to you at FedEx. Maybe if your up here in Seville at Panther we can take you out for lunch.
    Hi Lawrence .. I just happen to be in Florence right now delivering a load at Signode. I attended the expo and found the Expediting Industry very interesting. I'm checking it out now.
    Yeah that's really me in the hammock. That photo was taken last year or the year before somewhere in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. Probably after a hard day of paddling and portaging.
    I don't remember the issue so I don't mind you posting anything we might have done or at least wish we had done. Go for it.

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