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  • continue from previous post...but the first of many questions is does FCC give newbies any guidance as we begin...don't know anything about logs, electronic or otherwise and so on. I'm reading everything I can get my eyes on through the internet but still would need a mentor perhaps because certainly there are questions I don't even know to ask. Any words you have for me I'm listening. Thank you.
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    They do not teach you how to do your job. That sounds a little strong, but consider this, you hire mechanics to fix your vehicle, plumbers to repair a leak, electricians to repair your circuitry, etc. In each of these instances, you specify the results you expect but do not teach the professional how to perform the required tasks. Neither does FCC.
    There are many great tutorials on YouTube. Pre-trip inspections, log book preparation, either on paper or electronically with the ELD. The ELD will be easier if you just follow instructions. I think that the majority of truck owners initially started driving for a truck owner that teamed him/her up with an experienced driver.
    . During this time you can learn everything you need to know about the type of truck that will be beneficial for you, particularly if you plan to buy a used truck. Expediter Services that advertises on EO has helped many folks learn the business. They are always hiring to keep their 150 or so expediter straight trucks moving Good luck with your choices here.
    Just noticed you have lots of history with FedEx CC.... I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with here we go, I know you're going to think I'm some kind of nut (and maybe I am), but I know nothing about the trucking business but want to jump in and buy a 22' truck and get on the road. I just passed CDL B and medical and taking driving test this Saturday.
    Are you currently looking for drivers?
    I have 7.5 years with FedEx Ground and Home Delivery and currently contract with First Choice in mid Missouri.
    You can reach me at
    Bill Edwards here, DR4473. We had dinner together a little over a year ago in St. Louis. I did not want to call and bother you on a Sunday. So this is a request for a phone call from you when you are not busy.
    Good luck to you two. We wish you the success in your new endeavor Terry. You both are thought of as icons in the expediting world. We hope you continue to contribute to EO, your experience in the business is invaluable.

    Joe and Nancy McBride
    Terry, I talked with you over the phone and live just around the corner from you. I lost your number, can you call me again. I would like to come and talk with you. Also I would like to get Caffee's number if possible.

    636 379 2332 Thanks, PEnny Alexander

    Would you mind if I posted here what you did at Expedite Expo 2003? Remember the Police and everything? :)
    How the heck did we lose all of our friends? I wish we would get a warning when the softeware is going to change jeez
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