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    Lawrence McCord

    Lawrence was a dear friend who we met when we each were cargo van o/o's for Roberts Express, the forerunner of FedEx Custom Critical. Rene and I worked with Lawrence and Debbie at MATS where their first booth was a small table on the corner of a rug at the rear of the Stoops Freightliner...
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    Non CDL box truck

    If you want to be like your Dad, do like your Dad
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    Are my numbers right?

    Typically, established carriers compensate contractors on a percentage of the tariff. Fleet owners most often compensate their drivers on a 60/40 or 40/60 percentage basis. I would think that your owner would be helpful with the information you need to transition to vehicle ownership and a...
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    FCC BR Units Positive / Negative

    Your request for information is too vague and too generalized. Are you wanting to know about the truck operation and maintenance or the freight availability or the revenue potential or contracting with FCC? Are you familiar with reefer operation now or interested in a different line of work?
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    back to work

    Good Luck sailor
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    New Expediter

    With your experience, you should realize that the the freight market can be a fickle place. Cargo/Sprinter van freight is plentiful; however the availability of Sprinters is more plentiful than the market can realistically accommodate, particularly for drivers inexperienced in that market. You...
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    While a FedEx employee, I was very familiar with the company logo (branding) policy and carried diagrams of all of the possible combinations of signage for each of the vehicle types. One of the requirements was a minimum white space requirements around the signage. I believe the signage on the...
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    Math Sucks!

    Don't split 10's
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    Hot bevarage cup!

    CONTIGO is a spill proof mug, fits in many holders keeps cold all day and hot up to 5 hours. I don't know how it knows if the content is hot or cold; it must be magical. I've seen them in Walmart
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    Military pay chart, enlisted.

    Those charts are base pay only. There is also a clothing allowance and in some instances sea pay, flight pay, overseas pay, hazardous duty pay, combat pay, isolated duty pay. For military with dependents or where govt. lodging not available, there is housing allowance and coast of living...
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    How much do straight trucks make a mile?

    Liholiho St off of Pensacola 65 - 67
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    Exploring The Possibility..

    Ok Snakeo2 That would be a much better option. I've met many successful non-driving owners who ran their own business. I've also seen some fail because they did not fully understand the expedite business model. As a novice, you should think twice about investing in the very saturated cargo...
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    To those who have generators underneath their van.

    I drove a Sprinter with a frame mounted Power Service generator which was a great addition while it worked. It was difficult to self-service without a lift or pit. It often required a reset but the reset button was located on the genset so, I had to install a remote reset switch inside the...
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    Exploring The Possibility..

    My opinion. If your acquaintance has a good thing going, he could present his business plan to a bank or other source of finance. Your acquaintance could also lease a vehicle using his line of credit and save you the grief of sleepless nights wondering where your van is and who is driving it...
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    Fright lanes??

    Florida is not known as an industrial State. It is primarily an agricultural, NASA, DOT and tourist State. What little freight is there has often been promised to inbound trucks that negotiated a "get out of Florida load" before agreeing to take anything there.