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Thinking About Success And Appreciation As We Begin Our Journey

By Colton Lawrence - The Trucker CFO
Posted Sep 14th 2022 4:06PM

Think Success… It’s great to be able to reach out and connect with the men and women behind the wheel covering the miles that make expedited shipping such a crucial part of our nation’s supply chain. In the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing helpful tips and insights that will help you in achieving success. At Trucker CFO, we provide accounting, tax and other financial services for owner-operators, independent contractors, and fleet owners in the transportation industry. We understand you are the CEO of your small business operation. Every CEO needs a trusted CFO by their side. As you read our articles and listen to our podcasts, we hope you come to trust Trucker CFO as a valuable resource in helping you “Think Success”.

It’s fitting we are starting this journey during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). As you know, NTDAW is the point in trucking’s annual calendar where the industry shares with the nation the vital role that professional drivers hold in helping our entire country maintain the American way of life.

As I look at NTDAW, it’s more than the opportunity to thank each one of you for what you do to keep the supply chain and our nation’s economy on the move. NTDAW is also a time to reflect on the work that you do and the sacrifices you and your families make on behalf of our industry. Most importantly, NTDAW is a reminder to all of us who serve in supporting roles to professional drivers that we need to strive each day to do what we can in our jobs to make your trips down the road and your time at home the best of days.

As you will see through this column, we have found podcasts to be a very effective platform for sharing our insights that are focused on helping you. I invite you to spend some time with us and listen to our most recent episode of the Trucker CFO Podcast.

In addition to some thoughts on Driver Appreciation Week, we are using this episode of the podcast to discuss a series of important dates that are coming up soon for deadlines related to tax filings. You will also hear me talk about the bill that was recently signed into law that will be adding thousands of IRS agents as the government agency begins to dig out from a backlog of unprocessed returns in warehouses and address those people who are behind with their tax filings and tax payments. In the final section of this episode of the podcast, you hear us make it clear that now is the time to make sure you have everything in order or that you have a plan to get your tax situation in order.

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