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Nominate a Driver

By Shelly Benisch, CIC with Commercial Insurance Solutions (CIS)
Posted Oct 16th 2013 4:37AM



Hi Everyone,

I met with Sharon Foster with TA/Petro the other day…some of you may remember her from the Expo…she spins the wheel (among other accomplishments, I’m sure, LOL!)

Anyway, she reminded me of a program they’re sponsoring that I really want to recommend to our Expediting Community called “Citizen Driver Award”.   It’s an award designed to recognize professional drivers who earn public respect for our industry.

So often the professional truck driver is disparaged by our society, completely misunderstood and maligned as bad for the roads, environment, community….you name it.   Sadly, it’s usually by people who have never even met a truck driver. 

I even get it when people ask me what I insure.   When I say, “Expediters…you know, drivers of Tractors and Straight Trucks and Sprinters?”   The look is consistently that of mystification of my chosen profession. 

It’s then my job to educate that I’d far prefer to insure a Professional Truck Driver over a Personal Auto Driver any day…there’s a reason they’re PROFESSIONALS at what they do!   …and “Hey, let me tell you about some that I know personally”…you get the idea…

Well TA/Petro agrees that Professional Drivers should be recognized in areas they excel including Citizenship, Safety, Community Involvement, Leadership and Health & Wellness.

Please take a minute to vote now!

Every one of us knows someone in our Expediting Community who is exceptional.   Nominate that person, let everyone else know what you know about them. 

The prizes are impressive with all Finalists receiving a $50 gift card and 5,000 UltaONEPoints.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a $750 Travel Voucher to the 2014 MATS Show in Louisville, KY (March 27-29), including hotel for Thursday and Friday nights.  The Winner will also be honored live on stage at the MATS TA/Petro driver luncheon along with a $100 TA/Petro Gift Card & 10,000 UltaONEpoints. 

The coolest thing of all is that a TA/Petro truck stop will be NAMED after the Grand Prize Winner. 

If you think highly of your friend, wouldn’t you like them to be the Winner?   Take a minute to go to the website, it only takes a few minutes to nominate.   I’d like us to support TA/Petro in their efforts in improving the image of the Professional Truck Driver, wouldn’t you?

Nominate Today! Click Here!

Warm Regards,

Shelly Benisch, C.I.C.     [email protected]