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Why Do I Need a Trucking Lawyer for My Insurance Claim?

By W. Kelsea Eckert, Attorney at Law
Posted Nov 23rd 2022 5:21PM

Trucking is a complex business. Insurance law can be even more complex. While you wouldn’t want your lawyer backing up your big rig to a warehouse, do you want to singlehandedly manage all your insurance claims if that’s not your training?

Consider our friend Sam who is an owner operator. He was hit by car owner Kathy. Thankfully, Kathy admitted fault and had insurance.  Kathy’s insurance adjuster offered Sam $10,000 to get his truck fixed. Sam was in such a hurry to get his equipment repaired and back on the road that he didn’t take time to read the document the adjuster asked him to sign.

Sam got his truck back on the road, but then discovered more damage.  When he called the adjuster, he was told ‘tough luck, you signed a release’.

Sam realized he should have slowed down, read the document, and gotten advice from an attorney.  Unfortunately, Sam signed a Property Damage release. This document said that in exchange for the $10,000 paid, Sam’s property damage claim was done. This included any supplemental damages, downtime losses of income, diminished value of his equipment, and any other out of pocket expenses.

Next time you’re in the middle of a claim, try to learn from Sam’s error. Take your time to carefully review any paperwork you’re asked to sign. Also, double check any fine print on the front or back of the check before cashing. While it’s important to get back on the road quickly, it’s even more important to protect your business from those that might try to take advantage of the situation.

Should you need assistance with a claim or help reviewing insurance claim paperwork, contact Eckert & Associates, PA. We represent truckers for a living and look forward to assisting you.

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