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Insuring risk and risking less - Are you covered?

Insuring Risk and Risking Less

By W. Kelsea Eckert, Attorney at Law
Posted Oct 14th 2022 2:24PM

 No one wants to be insurance poor (like when you spend so much money on insurance you don’t have money to spend on the basic needs of your business).  Likewise, it’s also not good to have gaps in insurance coverage.  Gaps in coverage can put your business and personal assets at risk. Murphy’s Law says the gap area will be the coverage you’re needing when you have an accident!

Be sure to contact your insurance agent quarterly to make sure your business is covered adequately for all foreseeable risks, especially when adding on new equipment. In addition to physical damage, liability, bobtail, cargo, UM, UIM, etc., ask about umbrella coverage which would protect both your business and your family.

If another vehicle strikes your truck or trailer, hopefully they will have adequate insurance coverage to cover all your repairs and out of pocket expenses. If they don’t, consider collecting the loss from the at-fault party rather than their insurance company.

When someone damages your equipment, contact us for a consultation. We would be happy to discuss the matter with you so you can make a more informed decision.

The information provided is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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