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Hurdles in Renting Equipment and the Importance of Fair Compensation

By Kelsea Eckert
Posted Dec 15th 2023 7:45AM

Small trucking businesses and owner-operators can face significant challenges when their trucks are damaged in accidents. While regular people often get rental help from insurance, it's not the same for businesses with big trucks. This means truckers have to figure out how to get temporary trucks on their own, and it can be tough and costly.

Renting Trucks is a Struggle

There are several reasons why it's hard for a truck owner to rent a replacement. Contracts with trucking companies might say they can't use rented trucks, or the process might be so complicated that it's impractical. The places that send and receive cargo might require a specific kind of truck that isn't available for rent. Additionally, some specialized trucks needed for the job are rarely offered for rent.

Even if they find a suitable rental, the costs can be steep. Rental companies usually demand a substantial deposit, charge high daily fees, mileage, and insurance costs, and may require a financial check before renting. For small businesses already struggling due to truck downtime, these expenses can be a significant burden.

Renting Specialized Trucks

Here's another challenge: the rented trucks might not have everything the truck owner needs. Regular trucks might lack the special features necessary for carrying specific cargo or covering long distances. Essential elements like sleeping areas, communication devices, and other tools truck owners rely on for their job might be missing.

Regulations and Requirements

It gets even trickier because truck owners have to follow many rules for their business and trucks to be allowed on the roads. Not following the rules can lead to lost contracts and hefty fines. Plus, not having a working truck can result in a substantial loss of income. Those responsible for the accident and insurance companies need to understand that merely getting a rental truck might not resolve all the issues.

Seeking Fair Assistance

To improve the situation, it's crucial for insurance companies and others involved to understand the difficulties truck owners face when their trucks are damaged. They need to provide fair assistance that takes into account all the costs and losses truck owners experience. This includes not only repairing or replacing the truck but also compensating for the income they lose, the contracts that slip away, and the opportunities they miss.

In conclusion, we need a fair and supportive system to ensure truck owners can continue their crucial work for the economy. They deserve fair treatment and assistance when accidents or unexpected events occur.

To sum it up for expedited truckers:

To an outside observer, it might seem reasonable for a trucker to switch to a rental truck after an accident. But it's not that simple. Truck owners are like small businesses on wheels, and when their trucks are broken, they lose a lot of money. People and insurance companies need to understand that just getting a rental truck might not fix everything. In most places, if a truck isn't available to rent, the person who caused the accident is responsible for the time the trucker couldn't work. Truckers should speak up and ask for all the help they need to cover their losses.

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