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Expedited Trucking & Downtime Claims

Expedited Trucking and Loss of Use Claims

By W. Kelsea Eckert, Attorney at Law
Posted Feb 1st 2023 11:50AM

Expedited trucking, sometimes referred to as hot shot trucking, is a segment of the freight transportation industry used to quickly and efficiently move goods from one destination to another. It’s a specialized service because it typically requires the shipment of goods on short notice. Often, single-unit carriers instead of larger fleets are used because of their agility.

Loss of use insurance may be worth considering for commercial vehicles, especially independent owner operators. This type of insurance protects business owners from unexpected expenses which can arise due to the destruction or damage of their vehicle. It can also provide peace of mind knowing some of these unexpected costs won’t be coming out of their pocket. Closely compare the actual coverage with the expense. Many of these endorsements for commercial vehicle policies have strict guidelines. There may be a waiting period or limited daily coverage.

Often, business owners avoid filing a claim on their own physical damage policy for fear of being dropped or having their insurance rates rise. Instead, it’s important to consider filing a claim for property damages with the adverse driver’s insurance company. In addition to the cost of repairs and out of pocket expenses, remember to provide the adverse adjuster with a well calculated loss of use demand. Note: no comprehensive releases should be signed until all matters have been addressed.

Having an attorney available should an accident or loss of use claim occur can be a major benefit for expedited trucking businesses. Loss of use claims are often complicated, and having legal counsel to help navigate these claims may be invaluable. Consider hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis. This way, the cost of the attorney’s services comes out of the settlement amount and the business owner isn’t out further money when the business is already suffering from an accident.

An experienced attorney can provide legal advice on many things, from the best course of action to take in filing a claim to the potential legal ramifications. They can also help to ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and on time. Furthermore, having an attorney can ensure deadlines are met and provide peace of mind that the case is being handled correctly.

As an expedited trucker, you have many competing concerns. Don’t let these insurance matters slip through the cracks. While we hope you steer clear of all accidents, make sure you’re prepared should one occur. Have suitable insurance coverage and a law firm ready to spring into action.

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