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Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle my Property Damage Claim as an Expeditor?

By Kelsea Eckert
Posted Jun 15th 2023 7:30AM

Insurance Claims After an Expeditor’s Accident

When your truck has been damaged in an accident, you may be tempted to personally take on the challenge of filing a property damage claim against the other driver's insurance company. After all, it's your equipment that's been compromised, so who better to negotiate for the best possible outcome? Unfortunately, this may not be the ideal course of action—the insurance adjuster assigned to manage the claim doesn’t work for you, but for the other side. Don't get caught off guard. Instead, arm yourself with the knowledge of how claims work and protect your interests. By understanding the steps necessary to make a successful property damage claim—and recognizing when you need help—you can ensure full compensation for repairs and related losses.

Physical Damage Claims Versus Personal Injury Claims

Thanks to the protective armor of heavy trucks, expedite drivers don't often suffer the bodily injuries that car drivers experience. Typically, only the truck driver’s equipment is damaged, not their physical body. Therefore, it may be difficult to find a lawyer to help with the property damage claim. At our firm, we focus on property damage cases, which tend to be more straightforward than personal injury claims. What's more, the resolution process may take less time since the adjuster doesn’t have to wait until the bodily injuries are fully healed before offering financial compensation.

Property Damage Claims are More than Repairs Alone

If your expedite trucking business has been impacted due to an accident, it may be eligible for financial compensation. Based on state law, your claim may include the cost to repair or replace the equipment, towing, rental of alternative equipment, recovery of downtime and lost value, plus more. Make sure to keep track of your receipts and income records so you can effectively demand everything allowed. If you require assistance determining the losses or advocating on your behalf, our team is here to help.

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