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Looking Both Ways

TEANA - What is TEANA?

TEANA - What is TEANA?

By John Mueller
Posted May 20th 2015 4:22PM

TEANA – The Expedite Association of North America.

This post of Looking Both Ways takes a look at TEANA – The Expedite Association of North America.  An introduction directly from the TEANA website – www.TEANA.orgteana

Who are TEANA Members?

Expedited Transportation Professionals and Vendors who serve the Expedited Marketplace.

Our Mission

To create and maintain a forum for our networked expediters to facilitate the exchange of information and services that allow our member companies to enhance, improve, and expand their services to their customers with safety and security while maintaining the highest levels of quality.


To provide opportunities throughout the year to network and communicate in person with member companies, industry vendors, purchasers, government officials and regulatory industry agencies. To raise awareness in the industry of our organization, its members and the services they offer.

So is TEANA all about the Expedite trucking companies?  The answer is No – TEANA is all about our Expedite industry, including the drivers and owner operators.  How are drivers and owner operators benefiting from TEANA? Allow me to share accomplishments of the TEANA organization and some of the current irons in the fire.

TEANA Scholarship  Each year TEANA awards scholarships to deserving students. The scholarship money helps offset some costs of college tuition.  Scholarships are open to all TEANA members, their family members or employees. TEANA is pleased to award students enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning in ANY degree program.

Awards  Every year TEANA recognizes a member company as The Company of the Year. TEANA Member companies vote for each other for this award based on inter-company business they have done with each other. Award criteria is based on "on time" performance, communication, ease to do business with, on time bill payment, paperwork submission, etc.  TEANA member companies work with each other benefitting drivers with availability for additional loads.

The TEANA Legislative Committee meets monthly to address regulatory and compliance changes occurring within our industry.  For the past year the committee has been discussing ways to seek changes in the CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability), PSP (Pre-employment Screening Program) and Data Q's programs along with the new Safety Fitness Determination).  This group is attempting to bring to the attention of lawmakers the inadequacies, flaws and realities of each of these programs and how these flaws are adversely affecting our companies and drivers.  The committee also represents our industry in the ongoing Hours of Service changes and any changes or issues within each of the seven (7) CSA Basics.

Members of the Legislative committee are currently working to produce training materials and a webinar to assist in training of employees and drivers how CSA actually works.  Soon these materials will be available on the TEANA website for member use.

The TEANA Legislative Committee is beginning a "grass roots" initiative to campaign the Uniform Truck Safety Fitness Act of 2015 (UTSFA2015).  UTSFA2015 was written by Hank Seaton and seeks to set a standard for the SMS methodology by seeking a simple Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) for motor carriers – Fit, or Unfit to operate.  A motor carrier's SFD affects its ability to gain work (loads or shipments) from customers.  This in turn affects drivers and their ability to produce revenue.  The current system uses Satisfactory, Conditional or Unsatisfactory ratings.  Since the implementation of CSA "focused" audits have resulted in an increase in "Conditional" and "Unsatisfactory" ratings.  These ratings influence Shippers, Receivers, Brokers and 3 PL's to conduct, or not conduct business with motor carriers, again affecting the income of the motor carrier's drivers.  A letter template is available on the TEANA website ( )for your use to print, sign and send to your state legislators to bring to their attention the flaws within the current FMCSA systems and also to ask for their support of UTSFA2015. You will be able to find this under the legislative tab on the TEANA website (  I encourage all drivers and carrier companies to use the template to send letters to their political representatives and show support for these very important issues.  I thank you in advance for your support.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT intended to give legal advice, nor be a substitute for any training required by the Regulations.

Till the next blog,  Thank  you drivers for all you do!. Please be safe!

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John Mueller, CDS, COSS


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