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You have to be kidding

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 10th 2021 7:34AM

We were delivering first thing in the morning and I was backing up the driveway to place the truck where the customer wanted their freight delivered.  The driveway had cars parked on both sides, but once I reached the back the truck would be out of everyone’s way. 

As I started my back a car came around and tried to wedge in beside me as the truck was going backward with the backup alarm blaring. They decided to stop and let me go on by.  I noticed a lady sitting in her car near the beginning of my back patiently waiting as I passed her. 

Next looking in my mirrors I saw another car dart out of a parking spot going backward and stop in the road and watched as I was backing towards them.  I wondered if they were possibly wanting to play a game of chicken or thought maybe if they stayed in the lane of traffic I would pull forward and start over. I stopped and gave them time to think and in a bit, they backed further into the parking lot and pulled over to the side so I could continue backing to the rear of the building. 

I watched as this impatient driver finally gunned the car and rushed to the front and then had to hit the brakes hard to avoid the patient car who was just starting to pull out of their parking spot. We were able to make our delivery without causing any more people to go into a mad rush to exit the parking lot.

Another instance was an individual wanting to direct the use of the pallet jack.  Over the years Bob has developed a lot of skill using a pallet jack, and where that comes into play is going down a steep ramp with a heavy pallet.  For some reason only known to this individual, they decided to get in front of the pallet and use their hands and body to slow the pallet down as we descended into their location. With kind words, I asked them to please move to the side as they were going to get hurt.  They complied and we descended the slope easily. 

Motorcyclists promote to keep an eye out for them and yet too many drive as if they are on a speedway and we are obstacles. Recently two motorcyclists entered the interstate as I moved over.  Usually, they get up to speed and zoom off not to be seen again.  Not this pair.  The first motorcycle moved forward and stayed in the slow lane.  The second moved forward to about the front fender of the truck and then moved back to my blind spot and settled in.  Mind you my speed limit is 55 mph and theirs was 70 mph. My frustration mounted as cars were starting to form a line behind me as I used my turn signal to indicate I needed to move back over.  The pair did finally decide to ride at the speed limit and off they went. 

What a frustrating day this was… oh did I mention that all of these individuals were women?  


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