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By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 5th 2021 7:54AM

Many states and counties have finally gone to wear a mask if you feel you need to, but they are not required.  We were in one of those states with friends and decided to take a ferry ride for its fun.  It was so much fun that we did not know where the ferry was going, but we knew the ride was about an hour round trip. 

We watched as the ferry left as we wanted at the front of the line so that we could sit up top and have a great view.  Beside the gate to get on the boat was a large sign saying the ferry followed CDC guidelines and masks were required to be worn on the boat.  As we gave one of the crew members our ticket, they looked to make sure we had our masks on, and if you did not have one, they gave you one and would not let you pass till the mask was in place.  

We were seated, and off we went still having no clue where we were going, but we knew we would get to see the lake.  It was a busy weekend, and boats and people were everywhere!  It was an incredible sight, and the lake was beautiful.  We discovered we were going to a Casino and that we would be required to get off of the boat and then get back on.  Well, that left us at the back of the line, and we lost our great seats!  Once again, as we got on the boat, we saw the signs for the mask, and the crew member checked to make sure that everyone boarding was wearing a mask.  No mask, no getting on the boat. 

As we disembarked, we noticed at the back of the boat there was a bench seat.  As we got back on, we were pleased to see enough room for us to sit on the bench.  The ferry pulled away from the dock and started picking up speed.  It was amazing to see the water churning behind the boat, and we were having a great time.  The people beside us immediately took their masks off when the boat started moving.

A crew member came around the corner and asked them to put their mask back on, and that is when the trip got exciting! They said NO, we are not putting our masks on.  The crew member politely asked them to put their mask on again, and they again said. No, we will not and started coming up with excuses.  The crew member again said, you have to wear a mask on the boat.   We were in the middle of the lake by this time, and the ferry was coming to a stop. The younger man then got belligerent and started calling the crew member names and asked, what are you going to do throw us off?  The crew member said, nope, we are not going to throw you off; we are taking you back.  

As we neared the casino dock the younger man tried to gain sympathy and started a rant at how they were being mistreated.  He gained no support as to many had heard his outburst and the horrible names he had called the crew member. 

The ferry turned and took off at high speed back to the casino. It was great!  The boat was flying.  It was amazing to see how fast the ferry could go and how much water was coming out from under the boat. We dropped off the belligerent people, and off we went again at high speed as the crew needed to make up time to get back on schedule.  The eight dollars was well spent, and we had a great time, and we got to see the lake!  

None of us are mask wearers unless required at a customer’s property or a business that requires it.  We all read the sign requiring the masks and agreed to it when we stepped onto the boat.  The crew member was doing their job, and they stayed professional all through this outburst, and I was impressed with them.  They did not deserve the abuse they took by doing their job. 

When we enter a building or do something requiring a mask, we need to do what we agreed to do. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


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