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Winter Driving

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jan 10th 2022 7:35AM

Too often accidents happen in bad weather due to drivers going too fast for conditions.  

We can safely drive through many bad storms or we can speed and end our career in one bad storm.  When the conditions are bad and know we are the captain of our own ship we need to drive at the speed we are comfortable with not the speed of those passing us. 

When safe to do so on slick roads check to see how slick they are by slowing down the truck.  Check to see how well the tires grip the road for your own peace of mind.  If there is no traction it is time to get off of the road, slow way down, or if you can chain up.  

Watch the vehicles as they pass you to see if there is water spray coming off of their tires as that tells you the road is not icy.  Do not follow another vehicle to close because if they lose control you want to be able to slow down safely.  When possible stay in the tracks of the other vehicles.  Be prepared when a vehicle is passing you that they might throw snow and ice on your windshield and lessen the visibility even more. 

If the roads are bad enough pull over and wait it out.  

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