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Who volunteers to do Yoga?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 30th 2022 8:35AM

When at MATS there was a presentation titled “Mother Trucker Yoga” that I shied away from. Yes, I have been to a few Yoga classes and while enjoying the classes at home I was not about to do them by myself out here in the truck. I did not attend the presentation and I have been kicking my butt ever since. Two of the male members of The Trucking Solutions Group attended by accident, they were resting their feet. They were so impressed by Hope that they invited her to be on a Trucking Solutions Group conference call.

I listened in shock as these two gentlemen raved about her presentation and how they needed to start doing what she suggested. I did have to laugh as I thought about them doing a downward dog but as they talked I realized that is not what they were talking about. She was teaching them about the importance of stretching and these stretches could be done in the truck easily, some while driving, and some while waiting at a light, and none involved crazy poses.

Hope talked about how technology is making it rough on our bodies. Using backup cameras instead of turning or twisting to see behind us helps to make our necks stiff. Moving the seat belt latches closer does not allow us to turn and twist as we used to. Having everything within reach does not allow us to stretch to reach for something, Those of us that are short and have tall sleepers do not have this problem as several times a day we reach for something over our heads.

Bob’s parents are older and very active and are always doing something around the house that irritates the kids as they could hire it done. Hope talked about an elderly family member that is down on her floors washing them and keeps her house spic and span. Her children are constantly nagging at her to stop or want to put her in assisted living. Hope said that is what keeps this woman flexible and healthy which makes a lot of sense.

The discussion ran to painful knees, backs, tight muscles, and not being able to sleep comfortably. She had easy-to-do calf stretches for tight muscles and easy exercises to help strengthen our knees. She also suggested before using the bathroom do ten squats, bend down, and tie your shoes, when reaching for something on the ground do a squat to pick it up. When laying in bed twist your legs from one side to the other.

To start your day off right drink a large glass of water before drinking coffee. Take the time to stretch your muscles. These are simple exercises that take no extra space and can be done while putting something in the microwave, sitting in the driver's seat, or standing in line waiting to get paperwork.

Hope has some really good information on her Facebook page as well as her website. The Trucking Solutions Group plans on having her on another conference call so everyone can ask her questions. That call will be posted on our Facebook page. Search for Mother Trucking Yoga and you will find her.

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