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It's a Team's Life

Where Are We?

By Bob & Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 28th 2009 11:40AM

When you are first awoken and being told it is your turn to drive you have to wonder what interstate or we on?  Are we at a truck stop or a rest area?  Next you get dressed and peer outside to see which way the facilities are and take off in that general direction weaving in and out of parked or fueling trucks.  After I get back I usually make my coffee and gather what I need for my breakfast.  During this time Bob is finishing out his log book and putting all of his things away.  He enjoys XM and I enjoy my IPOD with audible books or I listen to recordings of the XM shows I like.  Bob has his phone he talks the most on and that is usually put away to charge and my phone takes the prominate place on the dash with my headset hooked up.  Our phones ring 24/7 and so the ring is not even heard by the sleeping person.  I usually start driving between 2 and 3 in the morning and once I am in the drivers seat I look over the map and the route and since I am often driving when we deliver I also check out the locals.  I usually have no clue how to get out of the truck stop so Bob will get me heading in the right direction and he is off to bed.  When he wakes up and gets moving around he is usually ready for a rest area break so we will stop.  He is usually more oriented then I am since he starts driving in the daylight and he is usually up at least an hour before his shift starts. 

It gets really tricky when I am asleep and we stop for the night as I have no clue in the morning which way to head is the truck stop north south east of west?  I usually start in the wrong direction but eventually I find it.  When I am by myself I do not like to walk between trucks so I stick to the roadway which eventually leads to the buildings.

Somehow through all of this I always find the restroom and we have always made it to our delivery with very few detours.

Bob & Linda Caffee
Saint Louis MO
Expediters 5 years been out here on the road ten years


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