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What do I do with my dog?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Apr 1st 2021 7:04AM

What happens when you break down and need to go into a shop and you have pets in the truck with you?

Anyone that drives a truck and has pets will sooner or later go through the stress of the truck breaking down.  Some truck repair shops allow animals in the drivers rooms and some do not. 

What happens if the repair will take a week or two?  Flights are cheap right now but what do you do with your pet?  Do they have all of the shots needed to board them?  

If you have a small dog there are more options.  Maybe an Uber driver will allow you to bring your pet with you if they are in a crate.  A cat might be another story as they require a lot of stuff to travel as they need their litter box.  When traveling with multiple pets or large pets the options become limited. 

Usually, the decision is to stay nearby the truck repair shop in a hotel that allows pets.  

Whatever vehicle we end up using we know that the vacuum cleaner will need to be used to remove the pet hair. When pets are upset, hair seems to fall off of them at an alarming rate.  In a matter of minutes, there is enough hair to make a new dog or cat. This needs to be cleaned up before returning the vehicle. 

Finding a hotel close by that might or might not have a vacancy and allows pets is next on the agenda.  Ask before assuming that your pet will be welcome.  A good bet is that most Red Roof Inn’s and La Quinta’s allow pets. This web site is a must-have for anyone traveling with pets 

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