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Vacation Time!

By Kelly Plumb
Posted Jul 10th 2024 8:00AM

Vacation Time!

So many of our trucker friends talk about the cruises or other vacations on which they have gone. When we take time off we really do not do much of anything except work around the house or visit with family and friends. So what do you do with your time off? Do you hop on a plane to some exotic location? Or do you stick close to home like us? Or maybe a combination of both?

We just wrapped up two weeks off the road. The last week of June we did our annual camping trip with extended family. We ranged in age from 3 months old (my cousin’s first grandchild) to early 80’s. We have been going to the same place for over 20 years. The location offers something for everyone including tent camping, camper sites, cabins, a hotel, a restaurant, a lake, and a golf course that is ranked  23rd in the country! It is only an hour from where we live; however, it gets us far enough away to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Last week included the Independence Day holiday so there were parades and fireworks and grilling out! That is what most people do on this holiday. For us, we were rained out so we spent the day doing inside activities with family.

How many of you stay out on the road over the holidays? Is there freight to haul? We honestly have always gone home to be with family so I really do not know what the freight is like the week of any holiday. I am genuinely curious! Also, how do you deal with the traffic? Do you find ways to avoid it or just contend with it? Well, whatever you did, I hope that you had a safe and relaxing holiday.

Here’s to millions of safe and profitable miles!