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USPS Informed Delivery

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Nov 28th 2022 8:00AM

Late 2017 good friends and expediters told us about Informed Delivery by the United States Postal Service.  They had signed up for this service and found helpful in knowing what was being put into their mail box.  We have been signed up and using this service since January 2018.  We have found it extremely helpful since we have a neighbor who collects and processes our mail.  It helps us let our neighbor know what we need them to open and text us a picture of the “bill”.  As, you know some bills you can not get electronically for example we get medical bills only by snail mail.  This way we can get them paid before getting back to the house to see the mail.

So, what is Informed Delivery.  It is a free service by the Postal Service that emails you a scan of what mail that will be delivered that day or the next.  These emails have a subject of “Your Daily Digest for”.  The subject will also include the day of week and month and day.

Inside the email you will find two sections “Mail” and “Packages”.  In the Mail section will see scans of the letters sized envelopes you will be receiving.  It will also give you something called “Mailpieces that we do not have an image for included in todays mail”.  These pieces of mail are magazines, catalogs, large envelopes.

The Packages section has three areas.  Packages that will “Arriving Today”, “Arriving Soon”, and “Outbound”.  The packages will include the tracking number so you can follow progress of them on the USPS site.

The process is easy to sign up for this service:

·         Residential consumer or rent a P.O. Box™ for personal use.

·         Address must be eligible for Informed Delivery.

·         Complete an identity verification process.

Follow this link for complete instructions on how to sign up and to find out if your address qualifies for Informed Delivery:

Sandy & Stephen

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