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Tomato Trailers

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 5th 2021 8:57AM

Bob & Linda Caffee

Tomato season in California brings out the tomato trailers, and there are lots of them!  Disclaimer here; I am not a gardener or a farmer but tomatoes are not grown in the fields like I have seen them in family gardens.  

The family tomato plant is lovingly put into a tomato cage to help the plant stand upright and in the perfect sunlit area. The plant is inspected daily for bugs, and when the first blossoms appear, they bring a bright smile to the family’s faces.  The plant or a few plants are watched daily to see how the tomatoes are coming along until the perfect day that the ripe tomato can be picked to sit inside on the kitchen counter to be admired.  The big day arrives, and the tomato is sliced and then oohed and awed over as eaten.  

The life of a tomato plant in a field has a much rougher life.  The plant does not have a tomato cage, and they are left to grow on their own in the field.  When the time is right, a machine goes through the field, rips the plant out of the ground, and sorts the tomato off of the vine.  Next, there is a chute, and the tomato plant is shot into these buckets that are set on flatbeds.  Then it appears that the freshly ripped off of the plant tomatoes are then dumped into some kind of bin to become? 

As these trucks pulling the flatbed with bins go down the roads, they often leak out of the side vents where the tomato will be dumped.  As an innocent truck or car drives by, they get tomato juice spots all over the body of their vehicle.  If the flatbed hits many bumps, tomatoes go flying out of the bin to become projectiles are to fall to the pavement to become black spots on the roadway. 

Tomato trucks are to be avoided at all costs are to be watched carefully to see if you can pass and not get a tomato bath.


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