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Truck Parking Club

The Truck Parking Club

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Aug 6th 2023 8:00AM

What driver out in the trucking industry has every had a difficult time finding a parking spot at the end of their day.  As part of the Trucking Solutions Group (TSG) Trucking Solutions Group Website we had a conference all with Evan from the Truck Parking Club Truck Parking Club Website

Evan explained how the club worked.  He and his group solicit property owners that have extra truck parking to become a host and allow trucks to park on their property.  The property owner sets the price and can modify the price they are asking for the parking spot themselves.  Then as a truck driver you can search for parking spots where you need one and see what it will cost and what amenities it has to offer.

The Truck Parking Club have multiple easy ways to reserve a parking spot.  You can do so by the app or their website.  They also have a 24-hour 365-day customer service 800 number (888) 899-7275.  The customer service representatives that are retired or former drivers.  So, they understand problems you as a driver have finding parking after a long day driving.

For the driver the only cost you have is what you pay for the parking spot.  For the property owner they give a small percentage of the fee they charge for the parking spot.

For the most part if the drive has any question in regards to the location they want to park at it is best to contact that location directly.  The site will list amenities and any special instructions they require.

Here is an example from the website of a location:

If you are reading this and are a property owner that has truck parking and you have extra space, take a look to see if you could make some extra money by “renting” the spots.  You list the spaces by day or month.

So, check them out weather you are a driver or property owner to see if they are a good fit for your business needs.  They are adding locations on a regular basis.


Sandy & Stephen

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