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The Lone Toilet

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jul 25th 2020 5:52PM

While driving in California recently, I saw something that made me look twice and then once again. Over to my right was what looked like an outhouse with a porcelain toilet facing the highway with no door.  The glistening white of the toilet was unmistakable inside the small building. 

Where is this priceless work of art?  You guessed it!  California.

This majestic masterpiece stands alone in a watery/grassy, not gassy field, only reachable by raft.  Many people driving on Highway 37 / Sears Point Road near Sonoma are startled when heading west and look to their right and see this lovely vision.

The masterpiece known as “The Lone Toilet” on Google Maps is not easy to see when traveling on the eastbound side of Highway 37.

I found a little history of the area, and there used to be a small town here called Tubbs Island in the 1920s.  I do not know what happened to the town, but it could have sunk in the marshland all around.

Yes, this is California, and there is a water wildlife area here.  The little fancy outhouse is the lone survivor of the long-forgotten town, Tubbs Island.

Looking at Google Maps, there is a point marking ‘The Lone Toilet,” and the reviews are a riot.  Many people have made the journey to take a selfie with this piece of art, and the pictures are hilarious.  I had as much fun looking through the reviews as I did viewing the “Lone Toilet” that is outstanding in a field.

If you have some extra time google “The Lone Toilet” or “The Worlds Loneliest Toilet”

This was interesting to watch as two guys wade/raft out to the toilet to see what the big deal is.

The mystery of the lone toilet

Bob & Linda Caffee


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