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The Last Mile

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Sep 6th 2023 8:00AM

Ever wonder if someone had thought of a way to help you that “last mile” getting to that shipper or receiver?  Well, someone has it is an app named Dock411.  The app does not have every dock in it but is sure growing.  We first met the owners of Dock411 at the 2017 Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY.  We have been putting locations into this app since July of 2017.

This app allows you to search by address, company name, or lat long.  If the location has been put in you will find information that a user has entered telling you things like where the truck entrance is if they have bathrooms, etc.  Now like we said not all places have been entered into the app.

How the data is entered.  First it is by us the drivers.  We can enter the data and write reviews of the location.  The other way is the location themselves can enter the data into the app.  The last way is a location can hire Dock411 to do a review and enter the data.  Any way the data gets into the database is great for us the drivers being it helps us with that “last mile” getting into the locations.

To quote from the Dock411 website: “When deliveries move slow, it is frustrating to truckers and reverberates through the whole economy. It doesn’t have to be that way. We built Dock411 to provide the kind of information that can keep transport efficient, and prevent holdups like damaged cargo or confusion at stops.

Now truckers can be aware of things like hours of operation, loading times, yard hazards, backing situations, pallet restrictions, and even preview images of the docks before arriving.

The app allows truckers and industry workers to easily share information with each other so everybody is in the loop. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help you save time, money and a lot of frustration.”

We have found it helpful for sure if someone was nice enough to have put in the location we were going to.  The app is available for both Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Sandy & Stephen

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