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Secure that Pallet Jack

By Bob Caffee
Posted Jul 20th 2020 8:12AM

Due to the nature of our business, we need to carry a pallet jack. I hear about pallet jacks because they are difficult to restrain when not in use going down the road. Some strap it to the wall, and others have a device that you can set the steering wheels in, and that will keep it from rolling around. I had another driver show me how he attached a chain with an e-track clip to the jack. He then jacks up the jack, pushes it up against the front of the trailer next to the wall, hooks the clip into the e-track, and lets down the jack. This will tighten the chain holding the jack from moving. A loose pallet jack can be considered unsecured cargo, CSA points that could easily be avoided.

I bought most of the supplies at a hardware store. A length of chain, I got 3 feet of chain a 5/16” bolt will go thru. You are not binding a load, but you don’t want the chain to break. One quick chain link that will attach the chain to the e-track clip, and a grade 8 bolt, 5/16” x 1 ½”, a washer and a lock nut to attach the chain to the jack. I went to a trailer repair shop to get the e-track clip, one that has a ring to attach the chain quick link to. Total spent, less than $20.

I then decided where to attach the chain, making sure I could access the backside of that location without drilling into any of the working parts of the jack. Drill a 5/16” hole in the jack, attach one end of the chain using the bolt, washer, and lock nut thru that hole. Place the jack in the location you are likely to park it the most. Using the quick link thru the e-track clip loop, set the length you want the chain. If you can leave the full length on the chain and adjust the length without cutting, that would allow you to reposition the jack later. If you are happy with the chain length, you can cut off the excess or leave it, your call.

I did find a single e-track bracket I screwed to the jack to carry the clip and control the chain while using the jack, but it isn’t necessary. Doing this saves me lots of time putting away the jack once finished using it. The chain is long enough I can put the jack under a pallet and sill hook it to the wall. A simple modification to a handy tool. Watch the video for a better understanding of how this idea works.

Be safe, Be happy.