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Seafoam Bugs B Gone

Seafoam Bugs B Gone

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted May 16th 2024 8:00AM

Back in March at the Mid America Truck Show one of the booths we stopped by was Seafoam to discuss their products and give them feedback on the ones we use.

During the conversation they showed us a product they have called Bugs B Gone.  So, after some back and forth and getting our questions answered we decided to give it a try.  The first thing we tried it on was our four wheels windshield.   We recently had made a 1500-mile trip in it and picked up a lot of “Suicide” bugs.  We even had bugs on from last fall.  The product worked as advertised.  Which states just spray it on and wipe it off.  It took the “Suicide” bugs right off.  The only thing was it left a haze on the windshield.  Easy fix.  Just get glass cleaner and spray and wipe off.  Other ways are spray with hose, use squeegee, etc.

Here are the specs on Bugs B Gone:

  • A car cleaner that works fast to remove stubborn road bugs and organic crud
  • Great car and truck wash pre-soak
  • Cleans cars and trucks, RVs and campers, boats, motorcycles, golf and lawn equipment, kitchen and bath, and more
  • Removes dried-on bugs, organic crud, algae and mildew, brake dust, exhaust soot, road grime, and more
  • Safe on vehicle paint, clear coat, gel coat, metal, glass, mirrors, carpet, plastic, vinyl, and more
  • Water-activated formula does not contain harsh chemicals or odor

Here is what they say it can be used on:

Bugs B Gone safely cleans sticky road bugs, grime, tree sap & other organic residues from car & truck surfaces, RVs, motorcycles, boats & more!

  • Clean the toughest bugs & grime without the extra effort!
  • Safe on chrome, paint, windshields, mirrors, plastics, gel coat, metal & wheels!
  • Spray it on bugs, grime, food, or other sticky, organic crud to loosen.
  • Wipe with a wet cloth or wash away with water!

Other suggested uses:

Soaking with Bugs B Gone helps loosen & remove tough organic stains by breaking their bond from a material or surface.

  • Use in kitchen, bath & household cleaning.
  • Use as a spot cleaner or pre-soak for any organic stain.
  • Great for boating, camping & road trips!

One of the things we do is seal our windshields.  The process we use is for another blog but one of the steps is removing the bugs, grime, etc off the windshield.  Our plan is to incorporate Bugs B Gone as part of the process of sealing the windshield.

So, far we would say we are sold on this product.  We will keep using it until we run out and report back how it did over a spring, summer and fall season.

Link to Seafoam Bugs B Gone website:  Seafoam Bugs B Gone