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It's a Team's Life

School is in session!

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 12th 2017 7:15AM

For those that are Trucker Buddies or Teachers it is time to renew and if you are interested in Trucker Buddy here is the web site; Renew Teachers and Students or to join

Trucker Buddy International 

Trucker Buddy is one of the fun things we are able to do as truck drivers.  Trucker Buddy helps to match a class with a truck driver and from there the sky is the limit.  Every match is different due to age, time available, and location of school.  Some drivers and teachers want limited interaction with a few postcards or emails and others matches prefer using the mail system.  The interaction also depends on the age of students and some drivers prefer the younger students and others prefer older students.  For us we preferred older students and most contact done through email. 

Younger Students  

Trucker Buddy is all about education and the driver is the tool to teach geography and also respect for trucks along with a myriad of other ideas.  Drivers have posted pictures of their little buddies (usually a cool stuffed animal) traveling to different parts of the country.  The animal talks about where they are or what they are seeing.  One driver I know has a “family” of stuffed animals that travel around the country and see the sites.  Sometimes the family member is sitting on the dash watching or looking out the window at a monument and they have their picture taken.  Hopefully all of this work sparks the students into wanting to learn more about geography as well a healthy respect for men and women truck drivers. 

Older Students

We enjoy the older students as we can talk about many things from math problems using fuel mileage, distances traveled, or even making meal in the truck and having to reduce the ingredients. Post cards are also sent depicting state birds, state capitals, or something interesting about the state or a city.

Special Needs Students

There are many of these classes and they really love their Trucker Buddies.

If you have a child or a grandchild in school and would like to see if their teacher is interested in the program talk to Trucker Buddy so they can work with you and the teacher.  The rewards are great when the connection is made with a teacher and the students.  Consider checking into the program.   


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