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It's a Team's Life

Ripple Effect

By Linda Caffee
Posted May 10th 2019 7:26AM

Is the effect positive or negative?  Usually, we have no control when something we have said or done is taken out of context. 

What I want to concentrate on is the positive ripple effect that we have.  When speaking at events are the blogs that we write we usually do not hear back from those that have read or listened till years later if at all.

Sometimes people we have not met before will come up and start talking about something they read or someone they talked to that shared information that we have shared and how it changed their thinking or made something easier for them. 

Look around your truck inside the box, inside the sleeper, inside the cab, and around the outside and think about how talking with someone else changed a procedure or your storage ideas.  Our sleeper is full of ideas someone else shared with me to make our lives easier.  The baskets I use and how I use them for storage was shared with me from a very smart lady that was full of good ideas.  Peggy was a character and not many years after she helped me fine tune my organization she passed away.  She could have written a book on organization.

Going to the Expedite Expo is one really good way to learn how to do many things better and to learn from others.  Not only can you learn but you can share ideas with others.

Pay it forward

Bob & Linda Caffee


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