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Proud to be a Truck Driver

By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 24th 2019 7:56AM

We watch as traffic plays out in front of us from our high perch, and I am often in awe as I watch the dance of the travel lanes.  As I drive, I am also a keen observer of what is happening in front of me for several reasons.  One, my goal is to be able to react quickly so as not to be involved in an accident, two, I am fascinated as I watch trucks and trailers move safely around smart cars, motorcycles, school buses, distracted drivers, and drivers who are afraid of their vehicles, safely, day in and day out. The trucks are large, and there are blind spots, yet drivers do everything they can, so make sure no one is in their blind spot as they change lanes.

We pull into a parking area, shipper or receiver, or a rest area and watch as driver’s maneuverer around obstacles without damage to their equipment or those around them.  When another driver is backing into a spot, there can be several trucks waiting patiently for them to make their maneuvers safely. At times when needed, another driver will get out and help spot obstacles for them. At night drivers dim their lights while someone backs into a space so as not to blind the driver. We all know it will have our turn to make a maneuver, and we will appreciate the other truck drivers courtesy’s.

In trucking, it not unusual after watching a very tricky maneuver to see a very young person, an older person, a nicely dressed person, a lady, or even someone dressed way to casually step out of the truck. The truck is an equal opportunity machine, and if you have the skills to drive it or if you do not have the skills, the truck will do what you tell it. I am constantly amazed at the driver’s abilities that I see every day by all drivers as they go about their business thinking nothing of their skill. 

We do not have an easy job. Our vehicles are big and we often have to fit them into an area not built for a truck, go down narrow streets, maneuver around bicycles, walkers, scooters, and we are ALWAYS on the lookout for low obstacles. As drivers, we have to deal with the inpatient motorist who considers us an obstacle they have to get by, and at any moment, we have to be prepared for them to dart by and make sure that is not the time we are changing lanes.

What would happen if every person driving a smaller vehicle had to watch for everything we watch for day in and day out. What if the motorists before they could leave a parking lot had to wait as a slow-moving truck backed into a parking spot? What about waiting as long as a half-hour in line to get fuel? What about waking up early and ready to start their day and had to wait as the clock clicked down till they were legal to drive?  Truck drivers have a lot of patience and incredible skill.

There are so many things that all drivers watch for when driving that it can be mind-boggling to people not in a truck. As I watch vehicles in front of me maneuver safely around all of the obstacles in the road, watch overhead for low bridges or trees, and do it in a safe manner I applaud my fellow driver for making truck driving look easy.

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005

[email protected]


Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle;

Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;

Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.